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Mindful Aware Meditation


Jim Rosen

Jim’s experience spans the breadth of both the business and the contemplative worlds. He’s a serial entrepreneur, an MIT graduate and has been practicing, studying, and teaching meditation for decades.

For more information, visit his website at

Catherine Pilfrey

Catherine was fortunate to discover meditation and contemplative arts at the age of 17. Since then It has informed her personal and professional life as a designer and a health coach. Catherine has been teaching meditation in the Boston area for over twenty years.

Jim Infantino

Jim Infantino is a songwriter, designer, programmer, and author. He discovered meditation at his Friends School at age 10. He has been studying meditation formally for 21 years. More information about Jim can be found at

Matthew Bellows

Matthew Bellows is a software startup professional, a husband and dad, and a long time meditator. He has founded three software companies, most recently Matthew has practiced meditation for 25 years.